Rude Neighbor Steals Family’s Shovel During Snow Storm, Then Dad Teaches Her A Lesson


After a blizzard hit Chicago, David and his 2-year-old daughter decided to build an igloo. They got it half-built, then David left the shovel on his front porch so they could finish it the next day. But the next day, the shovel was gone. When the thief returned to her vehicle that evening, she certainly didn't expect David to have taught her a lesson like this!

During the height of a nasty winter storm in Chicago in 2011, one neighbor took it upon herself to steal a snow shovel from a man’s porch, use it on her snow-covered car and then walk away with the shovel in tow.

How do we know all this? Because the thief was completely unaware of the fact she just stole something from the last person she should’ve messed with.
You see, the shovel belonged to a man named David Welles, who happens to have his property completely rigged with a ton of high-tech security cameras.

David planned to use that shovel to make a snow igloo with his two-year-old daughter. They had the igloo half-built before the neighbor walked onto his property and stole it, on camera, while letting her dog poop all over his snowy yard.

Naturally, David decided it was time for some payback.
He pulled out his snow blower… and, well… you’ll have to watch the video below to see what he did next.

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