Mom Convinces Abusive Boyfriend To Let Her Order Pizza, But Puts Secret Message In The Comments


While Cheryl's abusive boyfriend held her and her 3 kids hostage, she talked him into letting her order a pizza for her hungry children. She used the Pizza Hut app before he snatched the phone back. But when the restaurant employees received Cheryl's order, they noticed something strange...

In May 2015, Cheryl Treadway’s boyfriend was unraveling inside her home in Avon Park, Florida. He was angry, out of control and carrying a knife.
Cheryl and her three kids were being held hostage. She held one of her kids in her arms while her two other children huddled inside.

In the midst of the horror and confusion, Cheryl said her kids were getting hungry. She eventually talked her boyfriend into letting her use a cell phone to order a pizza. He agreed.
Using the Pizza Hut phone app, she quickly typed in her order before he snatched the phone out of her hand.

Meanwhile, the Pizza Hut employees received Cheryl’s order — but they noticed something strange about it. This was not a typical smartphone order.
Instead of ignoring the message, the restaurant staff followed their instincts…
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