Punk Rock Daughter Lets Mom Give Her A Makeover, But She Has No Idea What She’s In For!


Eugenia agreed to let Mom give her a transformation, but she had no idea she was going to look completely different when Mom was done with her!!

Every person man or woman has their own personal style. Sometimes a person’s clothing might be so different than what you’re familiar with, you may feel the impulse to judge them. Eugenia Cooney and her mom show us that we should resist the urge to judge a book by its cover in this wonderful mother-daughter video.

At first glance, you might think Eugenia dark clothing, fingerless gloves, and heavy eyeliner put her at odds with her gleefully, peppy, blonde-haired mother. However, you’ll quickly notice that two have a lot of love, admiration, and respect for each other.

In this video, you’ll see Mom give Eugenia the preppy, straight-laced makeover she’s always envisioned her daughter having, but the project is clearly just for fun!

In a previous video, Eugenia actually turns her mother into a goth! The two women aren’t actually trying to change each other, because they can see past each other’s appearance and into their good hearts. Mom’s big heart shines through her acceptance of Eugenia’s unique style.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see someone reimagined in a totally different way.

Mom gleefully seized the opportunity to wipe away the “doom and gloom” hard exterior of her daughter. Eugenia gripes that her new look is embarrassing, but the pair is obviously having a lot of fun in this bonding moment!

Eugenia trades in her dark, winged liner for soft eyeshadow, her spiked platform shoes for loafers, and her punk rock T-shirt for a business casual blazer. How would you reinvent your mother’s or daughter’s image if you could? Let us know in the comments.

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