Young Mom Born With Virtually No Muscles Gives Birth To Miraclulous Baby


Sheree wasn't expected to live past her 1st birthday, much less ever carry a child. But her beautiful story proves that, sometimes, modern science really doesn't have all the answers.

no one could ever dispute that having a baby is no small or easy feat. It’s a round-the-clock job that requires tons of love, a lot of feeding, and many sleepless nights.

Even parents who have developed intricate systems for tending to their little ones,

For 22-year-old Sheree Psaila, caring for her baby boy is particularly difficult because she is unable to pick him up and comfort him.

“Sometimes he’ll cry and I can’t reach him to pick him up,” Psaila explained to Daily Mail. “I have to wait for someone to pick him up for me.”

This is because, due to a rare genetic condition, Sheree has no muscle tissue in her arms and legs.

Despite the difficulties that come along with raising her baby, the fact that she was able to give birth at all is absolutely miraculous.

Learn more about her amazing journey to defy limitations below.

Sheree Psaila has spent her entire life defying expectations, based on her extremely rare condition.
Having been born with rthrogryposis multiplex congenita, meaning she has no muscle tissue in her arms or legs, her parents were warned that she wouldn’t live past her first birthday.

After 20 unsuccessful surgeries, doctors suggested that Psaila be put in a wheelchair and sent to study at a special needs school.
But she wanted to walk and took her first steps at age five, determined to rise past bullying and low expectations to lead a normal life.

While studying at Tafe, Psaila met Chris, who has a hereditary condition that affects his lower spine. 
The two got married in March 2015, and were eager to try and start a family.

They first suffered through a miscarriage, but the loving couple stabilized their emotions, and went on to have a surprisingly successful pregnancy.
“The doctors told me I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids, although they didn’t give me a reason why not,” she said

At barely four feet tall, doctors considered it nothing short of a miracle that the baby was able to grow the fully inside of Psaila.
After moving to Melbourne with Chris, she gave birth through having a cesarean section. 

Little baby Hayden was born at five and half pounds and completely healthy.
He has no disabilities or hereditary conditions.

The couple’s miracle baby is true testament to their strength and spirit, though the hard parts of parenthood are just beginning.
Due to her muscles, Psaila has a difficult time being able to tend to her baby and can barely hold him up.

Fortunately, she gets help from a carer who comes five days a week to help out with Hayden, though her husband definitely takes primary care of the baby.
“When we go swimming, I want to be able to hold him in the pool and do all of the stuff that Chris does with him,” she explained

Despite the struggles, she loves being a mom to the healthy baby boy.
Between caring for her son and continuing to study at Tafe, it seems that her dream of living a normal life, despite her disabilities, has come true.
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[H/T: Daily Mail]

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