Awkward Teen Stuns The Judges With Her Voice, But Then They Ask Her To Take Her Hat Off

After Danie Geimer performed her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun,” judge Demi Lovato made a strange request: she wanted Danie to take her hat off in front of everyone on stage.

10+ Before & After Pics Of Rebellious Teenagers

Some of you survived your teenage years without too much drama, but for most of us it meant going through some rebellious phases, including, but not limited to emo kid, indie, punk, gangster etc.
We were pretty serious about it back then, trying to convince our parents that "it's not just a phase, this is who I am". Good thing it's all in the past now. We're all grown up and serious, just as our parents wished we would become one day.
All that's left are pictures, so go ahead and share before and after photos of you as a teenage rebel vs. now!

Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met Vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015) 

Punks Tina Tarr and her partner Dog were pictured near the Cathedral in Peterborough when Tina was 18. The couple left the city in the 1990s and went travelling. They have twins, but are no longer together. Tina now lives in Dorset and makes willow products and hosts weaving workshops. Dog does hedge laying and gardening and lives in South West Wales. "I remember the photo being taken, it was a brilliant time. I had various styles of punk hair for quite a few years," said Tina. Dog added: "They were good times, I still had hair then".


These Are My Rebellious Siblings And I As Punk Teenagers, And This Is Us Now!

I'm The Mom To A Neat 4-Year-Old, I'm Married, And I'm The Manager Of A Local Convenience Store. All Things I Told Myself At Fifteen That I'd Never Do. 15 And 25 Years Old

Then I Was Studying To Become A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink. Now I'm A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink And Having My First Kid

I Became A Fireman, If I Talked To Myself 8 Years Ago And Said You Would Cut Your Hair And Become Part Of The Fire Department I Would've Never Believed Myself

After The Whole Emo Stuff I Went To A Videogame School, Learned To Code, And Now Am Working At An Awesome Startup. Definitely A Phase. But I Really Had Good Times. And Also Did Very Stupid Shit, Especially With Drugs

Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing Consultant

I'm Still Listening To Brand New, Work As An Administrative Coordinator For A Fortune 500 Company And Up Until Now Never Noticed It Wasn't Really A Phase

Before - Year 2005, My 18 Year Old Emo Self. After - Year 2015, I Am A Loving Father And Husband. What A Difference 10 Years Can Make

Became An Infantryman For The US Army. Going To College, Studying International Security And Conflict Resolution

Hated Life, Wore Black, Insulted Anyone Who Listened To Britney Spears. Now I'm In My Second Year Of My PhD. And Also Love To Rock Out To Britney Spears

I Was Super Scene/Emo As A Teenager But I Guess Being So Into Customizing My Myspace Profile Got Me Into Coding, Now A Full Time Web Developer And Mom To A 4-Year-Old

This Was Me In My Emo Days, Green Hair And Everything. Now I Work A Corporate Job To Pay My Studies As A Web Developer And Designer. I Am A Part Time Tattooed Model, And Aspiring Actress

Early 2000s And Now. I'm In The US Military Now As An Mp. Specifically US Air Force

Teen’s 6 Pregnancy Tests Are Negative, But She Says She’s Pregnant With Jesus

Kristi's 19-year-old daughter, Haley, swears she is pregnant with baby Jesus. Despite 6 negative pregnancy tests, Haley believes she is almost 9 months pregnant. Kristi decided to get her daughter an ultrasound to uncover the truth, once and for all.

Young Wife Turns Newlywed Photos Into Emotional Pregnancy Announcement

Brandon Dow was under the impression he and his new bride had won a free post-wedding photo shoot — but little did he know, his wife had arranged a tear-jerking surprise.
Wife Surprises Her Unsuspecting Husband With Pregnancy News During Staged Photoshoot

Discovering that you're pregnant is one of the greatest snippets of your life.

What's more, every mother shares their huge news a little in an unexpected way; some essentially can't keep it in and need to tell everybody.

However, others hold up somewhat more to break the news with the goal that they can make a declaration that is as large as the news itself!

There are numerous astounding ways that families have broken the enormous news; they've tossed parties, told all of the internet, and even organized a fun scrounger chase for their family.

But when Brianne Dow found out she was pregnant, she didn’t run to tell her husband — instead, she went to their wedding photographer with an idea!
Using two chalkboards, they staged the perfect way to tell daddy-to-be the big news, while catching it all on camera.
Check below to see the sweet, staged photo shoot. You won’t believe the husband’s face when he learns he’s going to be a father!

More info: Facebook (h/t)
[H/T: Bored Panda]

When 24-year-old Wisconsinite Brianne Dow found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want to tell daddy-to-be Brandon right away.
Instead, she recruited their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos, to help stage a photo shoot where she could surprise him with the news!

Armed with two chalkboards and the huge baby secret, Boos had the couple pose in the park.
Dow told her unsuspecting husband that they won a free photo session, giving him no indication of what was to come.

For the photogenic reveal, Boos had the couple stand back-to-back. She then asked the couple to write three words to describe one another.
She photographed each board individually, then had the two turn around to see what each other had written.

But what the hubby didn’t know was that Dow had written the big news on her board.
Rather than her three sweet words, he turned around to see, “You’re going to be a daddy!”

“Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board,” Boos explained to Daily Mail.

His shock dissolved into happy tears as the couple met in the most beautiful embrace.
And of course, Boos snapped every second of the reveal.

Though Dow said that keeping the secret was tough, it was “worth it” for the reveal, the reaction, and the amazing photos.

The sweet photo shoot definitely captured the couple’s love and gave them their first memory as a new family.
It’s also a great indicator that their baby will be as fun and photogenic as they are!

As the Dows begin their life with a baby on board, we can’t wait to see more photos of the future family!
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Punk Rock Daughter Lets Mom Give Her A Makeover, But She Has No Idea What She’s In For!

Eugenia agreed to let Mom give her a transformation, but she had no idea she was going to look completely different when Mom was done with her!!

What the Animals From Animated Movies Would Look Like if They Were People

Just look at Simba and Nala.
We all adore animated movies because every possible kind of magical event can occur in them. One of the most obvious manifestations of this magic is the fact that talking animals appear in so many of them. think about an intriguing question: What would the animal characters in our favorite animated movies look like if they were people?

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants

12 surprising pictures which prove that short hair doesn’t suit every Disney princess

We’ve found another interesting experiment where talented artists have altered the appearance of well-known Disney characters to make them look startlingly different. This time, the artist The Nameless Doll decided to alter a number of female Disney characters to show what they would look like with short hair. The results seem to suit them better in some cases — and in others, not so much!


Dr. Edward Panacek's patient is a beautiful bride with a frightening problem: She feels things crawling in her head.

This doctor was about to discover the real reason behind the bride's ''psychotic delusions' on her wedding day. Turns out Kelly wasn't crazy at all...
Bride Is Acting ‘Crazy’ On Her Wedding Day. Then, The Doctor Sees A Bug In The Back Of Her Head

Dr. Edward Panacek of Sacramento, CA, treated a terrified lady of the hour on her big day. Kelly was good to go to be hitched, yet was compelled to make a sudden pitstop to the healing center. Wedding dress, styled updo, what not.

In this reenactment from Untold Stories of the ER, Kelly's mom told Dr. Panacek her little girl was encountering uneasiness and mind flights. Maybe it was wedding nerves that spun wild, or a formerly undetected behavioral issue. Whatever it was, the berserk mother of the lady of the hour thought Kelly had gone insane and was requiring a therapist to assess her in time for the wedding.

But Dr. Panacek didn’t think it was a psychiatric issue at all.

Just when Kelly said things were getting worse, Dr. Panacek asked her to hold still while he inspected the back of her scalp. “My suspicions were confirmed,” he said.

He discovered the real reason behind the bride’s complaints, and as it turned out, Kelly wasn’t crazy. Dr. Panacek pulled out from Kelly’s head a centimeter-long botfly larvae that was growing in the lesion on her scalp. Eek!

Kelly had gotten a mosquito bite on her bachelorette party in Costa Rica. She covered the scab with petroleum jelly, which sealed in and suffocated the larvae that laid its eggs on top of the mosquito bite. Botfly larvae are very rare in the United States.

But there wasn’t just one larvae in Kelly’s head…

I just hope Kelly made it to her wedding on time!

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Dr. Edward Panacek's patient is a beautiful bride with a frightening problem: She feels things crawling in her head.

This doctor was about to discover the real reason behind the bride's ''psychotic delusions' on her wedding day. Turns out Kelly wasn't crazy at all...
Bride Is Acting ‘Crazy’ On Her Wedding Day. Then, The Doctor Sees A Bug In The Back Of Her Head