13-Year-Old Boy Shoots Mom-Of-Two In The Face. 26 Years Later, He’s Kissing Her Bullet Wound

In 1990, Debbie was out with her friends when a 13-year-old boy named Ian shot her in the mouth during a mugging. The bullet went through her head and out her jaw, but miraculously she survived.
Nearly two years later, Debbie received a collect call — it was Ian, calling from prison. After they hung up, Debbie made a stunning realization about the child who nearly killed her.

Wife Texts Husband She Found A Puppy, Then He Flips When He Realizes It’s Not A Dog In The Photo

Kayla texted Justin to show him the poor dog she found wandering outside alone. Being the kindhearted caretaker she is, Kayla let him curl up on the couch with their kids. But the second Justin took a closer look at the photos, he started freaking out...

Couples Tattoo Red Strings On Their Pinky Fingers As A Secret Way To Show Their Love

I've always believed in soulmates before, but the "Red String Of Fate" takes things to a whole new level.

Everyone shows their love in dramatically different ways.
Some say “I love you” with presents, while others do it with physical affection. Some express their love by traveling the world together, while others go a more traditional route, right down to the wedding ceremony and wearing rings on their fourth finger.

Mom Sells Car To Pay For Triplets’ Medical Bills, Then A Stranger Shows Up With An SUV

Triplet sisters Ellie, Gigi, and Carmina are just 8 years old and each has serious brain tumors. Their parents couldn’t afford to pay their medical bills and began selling their belongings. Then one day a stranger showed up and changed their lives.

Mom Breastfeeds 8-Year-Old Daughter To Help Her Reach Her ‘Full Potential’

Miira believes that if she doesn’t continue to breastfeed her 8-year-old daughter, her IQ will be lower.

Miira Dawson, a mother from the U.K., came under fire for her unusual child-rearing practice: She decided to continue breastfeeding her daughter for years beyond what the average mother anticipates.
In 2015, Tara was 8 years old and still suckling on her mother’s breast. Dawson insists that it will allow her daughter to reach her full potential.

Hippie Dad Chops Off Signature Locks For A Drastic New Look To Surprise Teen Sons

Ian refused to cut his hair and shave his beard, despite the fact his two teenage sons begged him to for years. Finally, Ian agreed. By the end of this video, he looks unrecognizable!

Ian, a father of two, hadn’t cut his long gray locks in four years… and his family was giving him a lot of pressure to make a change. He stubbornly clung to his hippie/biker look, complete with hair down past his shoulders, a shaggy beard and worn-out jeans.

Your Living Christmas Tree Is Most Likely Crawling With Bugs

Did you know your Christmas tree could be infested with almost 25,000 little creepy crawlies? Anyone who doesn't use an artificial tree needs to read this.

Christmastime is a favorite part of the year for many people. You get to spend time with friends and family, eat delicious food, and turn your home into a magical little wonderland for a while. It’s pretty great!
That is, except when your magical wonderland gets invaded by gross, uninvited guests. We’re not talking about that weird branch of the family — we’re talking about bugs.

Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks In And He’s Still There

When a homeless man wandered into Cesia's restaurant asking for money, she told him nothing would be given to him for free. Instead of turning the man away, Cesia offered him pay if he cleaned dishes and took out the trash for a couple of hours.
Weeks later, there he was, standing in the kitchen...

11 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

Very simple and useful

Some women can’t even go to the grocery store without putting on their make-up; others think spending time putting it on is just a waste of time. Nevertheless, there are times when nearly all women — rightly or wrongly — feel compelled to do themselves up.
For such cases, here’s the only crib sheet you will ever need to use to look absolutely stunning — and feel perfect.

Why Do We Lose Friends As We Get Older?

Here's what we can do to avoid being alone.

When we’re young, our friends are our whole world. But when we get older, unfortunately, they often get put on the back burner. Yet we still need friendship in adulthood as much as we do when we’re children. Amid the bustle and mind-numbing routine of everyday life, we deeply value the time we spend talking to them, discussing both trivial and serious issues. And when we meet face-to-face, more often than not we can’t get enough of them, never running out of things to say.
But why do friends seem to disappear as we get older? Is it our fault? And what can we do to avoid losing them completely? This article from journalist Julie Beck tries to answer these vitally important questions.