She Wears Makeup Every Day, But Boyfriend Dumps Her When He Sees Her Without It

After Sophia Ridlington's boyfriend saw her without makeup, he dumped her. Then she took this photo of her face and posted it on Instagram. The response she got was stunning.

Couple Expects Normal Pregnancy, But When Doctor Reveals Ultrasound, Mom Is In Hysterics

Kylie and Phillip hoped their second pregnancy would result in twins, since multiples run in both of their families. After Kylie got pregnant, the doctor looked closer at her ultrasound — and she couldn't help but laugh at the shocking news.

Woman Bursts Into Laughter In The Middle Of Court When Judge Reads Her Parking Ticket Out Loud

The woman tried fighting a ticket for a parking violation in court. But when the judge read the details of her wrongdoing out loud, he had to stop himself to say “oh no.”

Couple Adopts Newborn, But When Dad Looks Closer At Birth Mom, He Realizes He’s Seen Her Before

Walt and Annie struggled with infertility for years. After they decided to adopt, a pregnant woman chose them to adopt her unborn baby. But it wasn't until the couple visited the birth mom's home that Walt made a stunning realization about the child she was carrying.

Mom And 3 Daughters Line Up To Sing, But Even The Judges Aren’t Ready For Her Incredible Solo

No one was quite sure what to expect when this mother admitted this was their first time singing for an audience. But the Garnett Family won them all over from the very first unbelievable note.

Remember The Starving Kid Left To Die By His Parents? He Just Had His First Day Of School

Such a good update on this child.

In late January 2016, a Danish aid worker went on a rescue mission on the streets of Nigeria, and discovered a starving child on the edge of death. The moment was captured in a haunting photograph, in which she tilts a water bottle toward the frail young boy’s lips. One year later, the same boy is starting school after a full recovery, and a recreation of his first photo shows just how far he’s come.

Overweight Couple Decides They Need To Change. A Year Later, They’re 300 Pounds Lighter

When you make up your mind to be better, the results will follow. This is what you call commitment! Congratulations to these two.

Stranger Saves Lifeless Siblings, But It Takes 60 Years For Them To Notice One Crucial Detail

Michael Hart was sorting through a box of old family memorabilia when he found a crinkled newspaper clipping. It was about a house fire he and his sister survived in 1959, after their mom ran out of the house to call 911. As Michael scanned the article, he noticed something he had never seen before... and the new info sent chills down his spine.

Girl Flies With Controlling Older Man, So Stewardess Secretly Slips Her A Note To Save Her Life

Shelia Fedrick noticed a 14-year-old girl with an older man who didn't let her speak. The man was well-dressed, but the girl was disheveled. Shelia knew something was wrong, so she left the girl a note — but what the girl wrote back was more horrifying than Shelia could have imagined.

She Tries To Befriend A Sad Homeless Man, But He Brushes Her Off. 2 Weeks Later, She Comes Back

Lolly noticed a disheveled homeless man sitting on the street corner. It was obvious he had all but given up on life. She tried striking up a conversation and softening his heart. She even asked if he wanted a free haircut — but he said no, he wasn't interested, and sent her on her way. But no one could believe what Lolly did next in the coming weeks.