After Being Bullied For Vitiligo All Her Life, This Girl Now Turns Her Body Into Amazing Art

Ash Soto was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 12. As her vitiligo started spreading, she began to feel ashamed of her skin, especially after a little girl asked her if she had showered in bleach. Now the 21-year-old not only isn’t ashamed, but she embraces her skin.

In her late teens, Soto decided she wouldn’t let her skin hold her back anymore, so she started setting herself daily challenges like walking in public without a long sleeve shirt. Eventually, the challenges led to Soto turning her body into beautiful art. “I never realized how beautiful my vitiligo was until I traced it with a black marker, it really helps to bring out the different colors of my skin,” Soto said to Daily Mail. Now, she has made her body look like so many different art pieces, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and she’s not stopping! “Now what others would perceive as an imperfection I have made into something more beautiful and made it more accepted than before.”

Ash Soto was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 12 years old

It’s a rare skin disease which causes pigment loss, leaving large white patches all over body

During Ash’s teen years vitiligo spreaded the most and the bullying began

After a little girl asked Ash if she had showered in bleach, Ash felt too ashamed of her skin and decided to never show any of it in public

“I was so shocked that someone said that to me that I cried and cried, I didn’t want to have the condition any more,” Soto said

However, in her late teens, Ash made herself do these little challenges, such as walking outside with a short-sleeved shirt

But it wasn’t until she started doing body art that she learned to love her skin condition

She started by drawing around the white patches and saw that it looked like a world map

“I will continue creating different pieces of art with my skin and hope it inspires others in the process”

More info: Instagram (h/t)

This is what the ideal woman’s body should look like

According to a study, this young woman has the perfect body. I personally agree.

Let me introduce Kelly Brook — a model, an actress, owner of a perfect body! Yes, you heard right. According to a study conducted at the University of Texas, this young woman has the perfect body.

The study took into account such characteristics as height, weight, hair length, and face shape. It turned out that the body which makes most women say, ’I’d like to lose a few pounds,’ is the very ’ideal’ that shines with health and beauty, and looks attractive to men. The scientists say: ’This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect.’

Kelly never had plastic surgery, and she looks great: her body looks good and is healthy, and the young lady’s face shines with happiness. Despite all of this, Kelly said many times that she was an object of ridicule because of her body, and the beauty scouts called her too plump.

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The Secrets Behind Our Five All-Time Favorite Magic Tricks

Discover the truth behind the magic!

A magic show is a tried and tested way to keep kids happy and enthralled. Sometimes, looking at all those incredible goings on, even the grown-ups can’t help exclaiming: ’’How is it possible?!’’

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat

To perform this trick, you’ll need a rabbit, a tablecloth-covered table, a piece of cloth, and a top hat. Take a square piece of thick black cloth and tie all of it’s four corners together loosely. Place a rabbit inside this improvised sack. Hang the sack on a hook, located at the side of the table that will be facing you during the performance. The tablecloth needs to be arranged in such a way as to prevent the audience from seeing the sack. At the beginning of the performance, show the top hat to your audience to demonstrate that there’s nothing inside. Next, put the hat on the table, with the hat opening facing the table surface. Now comes the most important part of the trick. Using easy and inconspicuous movements, lift the hat quickly by the brim and put the sack underneath the hat. Now, make some movements showing that you’re conjuring something up, remove the hat from the table and reveal the rabbit to the audience!

The Easter Egg Your Eye Goes To First Reveals Everything About Your Personality

This is so interesting- which did you pick?

 If you’re planning to celebrate with an egg hunt and a big family meal, you’ve probably already started thinking about how to dye and pattern your Easter eggs.
Keeping things simple with one color is great, but we also love all the patterns and styles available if you feel like getting into a more complex Easter egg dyeing process.

Even more amazing? The pattern you select might just reveal some surprising facets of your personality.
In fact, your choice in Easter egg is a window into your soul. The colors and patterns that draw your eye say a lot about who you are!
So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of eight popular egg patterns and what they say about you!

Scroll through below to check it out, and don’t forget to let us know, in the comments section below, if it was accurate!

Which Egg Are You Drawn To?

Red Storage Container Looks Normal From The Outside, But Inside There’s A Stunning Home

This is gorgeous — I would absolutely live here if I could!

When people think about buying their first home, they probably don’t immediately think about a storage unit.
Usually, people imagine gorgeous doors and windows, big yards, and white picket fences, not metal-sided, windowless storage containers.

But for some, a storage container is the perfect solution for a low-budget, easily movable home.
This red metal storage crate looks like a normal storage container from the outside. Inside, though, there is a stunning tiny home.

As the tiny home movement has taken off, more and more people have become interested in downsizing and living minimalist lifestyles.
Tiny houses allow people to live more nomadic lifestyles, since many tiny houses are on wheels or transport easily. This means that you can travel the country while never leaving behind the comforts of home.

Although most people who buy tiny homes are single or only live with one other person, there are also families that have joined the tiny house movement, living in small homes and even refurbished school buses.

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10+ Before & After Pics Of Rebellious Teenagers

Some of you survived your teenage years without too much drama, but for most of us it meant going through some rebellious phases, including, but not limited to emo kid, indie, punk, gangster etc.
We were pretty serious about it back then, trying to convince our parents that "it's not just a phase, this is who I am". Good thing it's all in the past now. We're all grown up and serious, just as our parents wished we would become one day.
All that's left are pictures, so go ahead and share before and after photos of you as a teenage rebel vs. now!

Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met Vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015) 

Punks Tina Tarr and her partner Dog were pictured near the Cathedral in Peterborough when Tina was 18. The couple left the city in the 1990s and went travelling. They have twins, but are no longer together. Tina now lives in Dorset and makes willow products and hosts weaving workshops. Dog does hedge laying and gardening and lives in South West Wales. "I remember the photo being taken, it was a brilliant time. I had various styles of punk hair for quite a few years," said Tina. Dog added: "They were good times, I still had hair then".


These Are My Rebellious Siblings And I As Punk Teenagers, And This Is Us Now!

I'm The Mom To A Neat 4-Year-Old, I'm Married, And I'm The Manager Of A Local Convenience Store. All Things I Told Myself At Fifteen That I'd Never Do. 15 And 25 Years Old

Then I Was Studying To Become A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink. Now I'm A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink And Having My First Kid

I Became A Fireman, If I Talked To Myself 8 Years Ago And Said You Would Cut Your Hair And Become Part Of The Fire Department I Would've Never Believed Myself

After The Whole Emo Stuff I Went To A Videogame School, Learned To Code, And Now Am Working At An Awesome Startup. Definitely A Phase. But I Really Had Good Times. And Also Did Very Stupid Shit, Especially With Drugs

Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing Consultant

I'm Still Listening To Brand New, Work As An Administrative Coordinator For A Fortune 500 Company And Up Until Now Never Noticed It Wasn't Really A Phase

Before - Year 2005, My 18 Year Old Emo Self. After - Year 2015, I Am A Loving Father And Husband. What A Difference 10 Years Can Make

Became An Infantryman For The US Army. Going To College, Studying International Security And Conflict Resolution

Hated Life, Wore Black, Insulted Anyone Who Listened To Britney Spears. Now I'm In My Second Year Of My PhD. And Also Love To Rock Out To Britney Spears

I Was Super Scene/Emo As A Teenager But I Guess Being So Into Customizing My Myspace Profile Got Me Into Coding, Now A Full Time Web Developer And Mom To A 4-Year-Old

This Was Me In My Emo Days, Green Hair And Everything. Now I Work A Corporate Job To Pay My Studies As A Web Developer And Designer. I Am A Part Time Tattooed Model, And Aspiring Actress

Early 2000s And Now. I'm In The US Military Now As An Mp. Specifically US Air Force